Winter's Tale by PAUL

Winter's Tale by PAUL

Кафе-пекарня PAUL

Congratulations to all on the holidays! ⠀

On this bright holiday, PAUL offers you new items from pastry chef Catherine, who will be wonderful gifts not only for your loved ones, but also for yourself

Bush "Chocolate with nut pralines"
A paradise for chocolate lovers. Chocolate sponge cake paired with chocolate mousse and nut pralines ... mmmm and all this under the protection of chocolate glaze

Bush "Coconut Vanilla"
Coconut-almond biscuit, coconut mousse, confit from puree mango, passion fruit and pattaya - an incredible combination of tastes

Bush "Raspberry with wild berries"
The team of raspberry mousse, blackcurrant confit and vanilla-almond biscuit - love at first sight. And all this under the protection of raspberry glaze

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