Chocolate Festival at PAUL 2019!

Chocolate Festival at PAUL 2019!

Кафе-пекарня PAUL

From November 4 to 17 it will be warmer with PAUL!
Special offer for all hot chocolate and special PAUL chocolate desserts!
Have time to plant your chocolate feast in full:
Drink Choco Banana 3,5 rub.
Drink Choco nut 3,5 rub.
Choko-Mint drink 2.5 rub.
Choco Viennese drink 4 rub.
Chocolate Christmas drink 5.8 rub.
Chokachino drink 2.5 rub.
Hot Chocolate Drink 4 rub.
And one more special offer for the sweet tooth!
Desserts and pastries with chocolate for half the price, when making any order in the amount of 10 rubles!
Specify the list of goods participating in the action with the administrator.

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