PAUL Birthday Gifts

PAUL Birthday Gifts

Кафе-пекарня PAUL

From June 27 to 29, in all the institutions of the PAUL shops there will be a celebration of taste! ⠀

We have prepared a gift for you! From each department for a gift - all listed items for 1 ruble! A mini-products for 0.50k! ⠀

Look at the red price tag on the windows and check with the waiters for a gift from the kitchen and the bar! (a list of promotional items is presented below)

  • ATTENTION: the quantity of promotional goods is limited! We will try very hard and do our best that would be enough for everyone!

    1. Confectionery for 1r.:
    Pan shock
    Millefeuil classic

    2. Confectionery for 0.50r:
    Mini croissant
    Mini pan
    Mini escargo

    3. Bakery products for 1p:
    Baguette PAUL
    Baguette with sesame seeds
    Baguette with poppy seeds

    4. Bar production for 1p:
    Fruit Ice Tea from the New Collection
    Peach Ice Tea from the new collection

    5. Kitchen products for 1p:
    Fridge (without potatoes)

     During the period of this action, the action "the morning in French" and "mini morning in French" are suspended!

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