New menu in Milano Cafe!

New menu in Milano Cafe!

Milano Cafe

Let’s correct cold Monday with a new spring menu by Milano Cafe Chef - Sergey Voroshilov.

There is an ideal dish for everyone in our new menu!

Meat eaters are recommended to taste our beef with kvas sauce and mashed potatoes, baked pork with beans and cashew, chicken with sherry, foie gras and prune.

With a great pleasure we will cook rigatoni with porchini mushrooms and spinach, baked peppers with romesco sauce, bruschetta with ricotta cheese, fried pear and almonds for vegetarians.

For Italian pasta lovers we recommend black spaghetti with shrimps and baked tomatoes, orzo pasta with beef and gorgonzola cheese, risotto with duck, taleggio cheese and herb butter.

Sweet-lovers will definitely like chocolate pie with cherries, lemon tarte with meringue, apple cake with yoghurt and salty caramel.  


Top 8 guests who must taste a new menu:

1. divas;

2. cheerful girlfriends;

3. families with children;

4. young hipsters;

5. lonely gourmets;

6. couples in love;

7. companies of brutal guys;

8. You with parent and grandparents.



New menu in Milano Cafe! New menu in Milano Cafe! New menu in Milano Cafe! New menu in Milano Cafe! New menu in Milano Cafe!

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