On weekdays from 11:00 to 16:00 we deliver from three lunches






 We deliver from 3 lunches to your home or office.

Call +375 (44) 709 88 88 and order lunch with an oriental character.

The lunch menu is open on weekdays from 11:00 to 16:00.


Monday - 9 rub

Red Bean puree soup, chicken curry, Curie Philadelphia Roll (0.5 portion)

Tuesday - 9 rub

Vegetable cream-soup, ramen noodles with beef, roll Iyama (0.5 portion)


Wednesday - 9 rub

Lax Soup, Dim Sam, Kasuga Roll (0.5 portion)


Thursday - 9 rub

Kim Chi Soup, Bao Zi, Ako Roll (0.5 portion)

Friday - 9 rub

Spicy soup, kung pao with pork, roll Teriyaki Maki (0.5 portion)

Vegan lunch (on weekdays) - 9 rub

Gon di sud, udon in sweet and sour sauce, Vega roll (0.5 portion)

Chinese lunch (on weekdays) - 11.5 rub

Miso soup, breaded pork, Chinese cucumbers


Special offer from 11:00 to 16:00 on weekdays - rolls of 8.5 rubles

Curie Philadelphia roll  - salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, teriyaki sauce, rice, nori, sesame (220g)

Iyama roll - tobiko caviar, cream cheese, tamago omelet, fried onions, chuka salad, rice, nori, nut sauce (200g)

Kasuga roll - shrimp, cream cheese, cucumber, panko crackers, rice, nori, spicy sauce (210g)

Teriyaki Maki roll - teriyaki salmon, cream cheese, tamago omelette, cucumber, rice, nori, spicy sauce (250g)


See you in the cafe "Balkon"!












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