NEW! Stuffed crepe!

NEW! Stuffed crepe!

Кафе-пекарня PAUL

New from the chef! Exclusively for PAUL on Y. Kolos!
Delicate pancakes with 3 types of toppings for every taste!

Every day, the PAUL team diligently prepares for you already beloved dishes, pastries and desserts and their gratitude for choosing us!
But that is not all!

We constantly come up with new ways to please you in the best traditions of European cuisine, unforgettable, of course, about our national flavor.


Here's what we got this time:


Ham and Cheese Pancakes

Pancakes with chicken noodles

Spinach and Cheese Pancakes


Anyone for 6.50 rubles, but only in PAUL on Nezavisimosti 48.

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