New breakfast menu!

New breakfast menu!

Кафе-пекарня PAUL

We are glad to present you our special breakfast menu

Dishes for which you want to get up in the morning

1. Fried eggs on a pillow of stewed vegetables with Mozzarella cheese
2 pumpkin fruit smoothie
3. Grechotto
4. Pudding with coconut milk and goji berries

5. Brioche with lightly salted salmon and poached egg
6. Brioche with Romesco sauce and scrambled eggs
7. Brioche "PAIN PERDU"
8 brioche with peach and maple syrup
9. Pancakes with cream cheese and maple syrup

10. Vegan breakfast

On weekdays breakfast is valid until 12:00, on weekends until 14:00

ATTENTION‼ ️ The special menu is valid for 2 months only. So start tasting as soon as possible!

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