Gastronomic event of the season: Dinner from the invited chef Vivien Lebecq

Gastronomic event of the season: Dinner from the invited chef Vivien Lebecq

Cafe de Paris

In June 2018, for the second time, Cafe de Paris will be visited by the gastronomy maestro - the chef from France Vivien Lebeck.
On June 12-13 Vivien will hold master classes for the chefs of the Cafe de Paris restaurant.
June 14 in the restaurant will be a closed event - dinner with a special menu from the French chef.


At the beginning of the French dinner, the chef greets the guests, and then leaves for the kitchen and leaves for every meal, communicates with the guests (fluent in English).
During the whole event, invited singers and accordionists will perform in a special musical program.


Vivienne Lebeck is a terrific chef and a man. In the field of gastronomy - from the age of 16 he graduated from a cooking school in the south-west of France in the Armagnac region.
Further - the Higher School of Restaurant Business and Public Catering in Toulouse (Diploma with Honors).
A special passion is winemaking and a combination of wines and culinary products. Higher School of Wine and Beverages, final of the contest "Best young sommelier of the south-west of France".
He worked in a restaurant with the star Michelin - A la belle Gasconne (A la Belle Gascon). The next hobby is baking and desserts. Over time, he became the chief confectioner in this restaurant.
Later on the west coast of France in a seafood restaurant worked as a chef-ekay (person responsible for all seafood).
Next - work in Paris in a 5-star hotel Palace Meurice, and then in the gastronomic restaurant Chamonix in the Alps, in a restaurant on Lake Leman.
Later, when he wanted to get another interesting experience, Vivien started selling wine in the south of France in the company of Freixenet (wine from the popular to the best names of Grand Cru).
The next 4 years he lived in Spain, after - in Moscow, the chef of the restaurant "Okhotny Ryad" (Arkady Novikov's group).
Currently lives in Paris, teaches at a cooking school, works as a chef at private events and for private clients.


The beginning is at 19.00.
Location - Minsk, K. Marx street, 8
Contact phone - 8 (029) 129 11 11

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