April 15 - May 2



Spring is the time when you want to press the "Reset" button and plunge into the world of culinary discoveries with renewed energy. The leitmotif of our set is salmon and flavor combinations that fall in love. On soft brioche riet salmon and mango coexist, chicken in sweet and sour sauce is set off with sweet and spicy corn mousse, and instead of searing hot chili, you will find the multifaceted taste of kimchi.

Brioche with riet salmon and fruit

Brioche with salmon and guacamole

Sweet and sour chicken with rice and corn mousse

Yasunari roll (salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, rice, nori, spicy sauce, mango-chili sauce, kimchi nuts)

Kitaura roll (pickled salmon, cream cheese, mix salad, cucumber, rice, nori, avocado mousse, sesame)

Roll side dishes: pickled ginger, wasabi, soy sauce


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