PAUL Valentine's Day

PAUL Valentine's Day

Кафе-пекарня PAUL

The whole PAUL team wishes you love and warmth! We are glad to see your embarrassed looks at the tables, to hear the delight of compliments and cute jokes every day!

But still February 14th is a special day for those who are in love ... with the taste of France!)

We offer you a limited series of our special holiday novelties! The offer is valid from 14.02 to 16.02 inclusive.

With love PAUL!

Palm tree with white chocolate and raspberry crispy
Palm tree with strawberry chocolate and raspberry crispy
Millefeuille with vanilla cream
Millefeuille with cream diplomat
Pavlova dessert
Eclair Paul with Raspberries, Eclair Paul with Strawberries

Pavlova cake with strawberries
Charlotte Cake with Strawberries
Millefeuille cake with vanilla cream
Millefeuille cake with cream diplomat

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